Auditorium Rentals


Want to see a movie in your own PRIVATE AUDITORIUM? Now you can!

We have 3 packages available:


$200 package - you would simply bring your own movie (on DVD or Blu-Ray) and we would project it for you on our cinema projector. 


$250 package - would involve a movie we have in house currently.  The $250 covers the auditorium rental ONLY.  A charge of $6 per person would apply for any in house movie.


Custom Package - If you wanted to pick your own film and have us obtain it and show it, there would be an additional cost of us locating the film and renting it for you – please contact us for more details and pricing.


Rental price is for auditorium rental only.  For $250 package, please add $6 per guest.  For $200 package, no additional cost is added.


Concessions are not included with any package.  I am happy to work out a custom concession package for you according to your needs.


Our PARTY ROOM is included FREE OF CHARGE with any private auditorium rental!  If you prefer to rent only our party room and see a public showing, the cost is $25 for 2 hours and $10 for each additional hour.

Use the CONTACT US page on our website to reserve your special private auditorium right now!



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